Jacques Solovière's approach goes beyond fashion, fusing sartorial choices with strong identity. The Parisian label, launched in June 2014, provides a heritage collection of new classics for men: the footwear equivalent of a perfect white t-shirt.

Jacques Solovière’s brand values are focused on longevity, taste, and cross-generational cachet. Creating an equilibrium between gorgeous detailing and practical silhouettes, Jacques Solovière allies finesse with comfort in an ultra-light shoe. Every pair is made with the utmost quality in Italy’s finest workshops and factories. Each detail is rigorously considered: vibrant colors and luxurious materials are then mastered with precision. Perennials like slippers, brogues and derbies are never trend-driven.

The most thrilling aspect of designing for men is the "will they or won't they?" aspect of pushing style forward, bringing men to think about new silhouettes—while remaining quintessentially chic. Jacques Solovière is attentive to men with good taste and elegance, and these are the values Jacques Solovière stands by.

The masculine shoe is always the conceptual starting point for a Jacques Solovière silhouette, which is then adapted to a woman’s foot. But effortless chic goes hand in hand with a winning unisex design. After all, unisex simply means that the product is flawless enough to be alluring to everyone.


Alexia Aubert has had a successful and international career specialized in footwear design. She started as an assistant at Christian Louboutin in 2004, and after four years went on to be head of studio at Pierre Hardy, sketching both men and women's shoes. In 2010, she moved to New York, helping transform Oscar de la Renta from licensing into an in-house line as Director of Footwear Design. To date, she does consulting work for various luxury brands, including Elie Saab, Mulberry, Balmain, and Leonard. Jacques Solovière is named after the designer’s grandfather, in an earnest tribute to his natural-born sense of style.