Who is Jacques Soloviere?

    You’re probably wondering who Jacques Soloviere is and where the name comes from? Actually, Jacques Soloviere is the grandfather of the founder and designer of the brand, Alexia Aubert. He was a jewish immigrant who came to Paris from Russia under the name Solovietzik and changed his name to Soloviere to make it sound more French, and to blend in with society. He studied politics at Sciences Po in Paris which connected him to former French presidents such as Jacques Chirac and Valery Giscard d’Estaing and also allowed him to travel frequently to Japan on business. I imagine this had an impression on him, as Jacques Soloviere was an elegant slender man, who dressed impeccably, loved classical music and jazz. Jacques only had daughters and no one to carry on his name, so naming the brand Soloviere is also a way to give new life to his legacy. Today, he is the inspiration behind all of the brand’s creations. Find your answer in video.

    Who is behind the brand?

    Alexia Aubert is the founder of Jacques Soloviere. Being passionate about shoes and design, she first learned the manufacturing and technical side of shoes here in Paris, which led her to working for four years alongside Christian Louboutin as a designer. She spent a lot of time travelling between Paris and Milan, meeting with factories and suppliers. After this experience, Alexia eventually became head of the studio at Pierre Hardy. During this time, her passion for design and shoes inspired by architecture grew. It was also with Pierre Hardy that Alexia learned to design for men. At 29, Alexia flew to New York where she worked for the master of American elegance, the great Oscar de la Renta. This introduced her to designing very classic shoes for a clientele who appreciated beautiful materials and quality details.

    Finally, she returned to Paris and worked for several fashion houses before founding Solovière in 2014. The shoes found immediate success in Paris, where they were sold at well-known boutiques such as Colette and Le Bon Marché. This is how the adventure began. Find your answer in video.

    What are Jacques Soloviere's key values?

    “Less trend, more style” is the motto of the brand.

    The idea is to create new classics for men and women. Unique designs that you cannot find anywhere else, made without following trends or copying styles that have already been done. Color plays a central role. Alexia’s goal is to introduce new and original palettes for the man’s wardrobe. Creating flat and lightweight shoes for everyday and all genders is essential to the brand.

    How to recognize a Jacques Soloviere?

    Jacques Soloviere shoes are easily recognizable by their unique design. Often seamless, with fine and elegant silhouettes, they use the finest suedes and grain leathers as the main material for their uppers. The gathered tongue and single-pair of eyelets are signatures of the brand. Find your answer in video.

    Where are Jacques Soloviere shoes made?

    Jacques Soloviere shoes are made in Italy, in a small village. The workshop is run by a family of three brothers, who took over their father's factory. Alessio takes care of the materials, Emiliano supervises the samples and the production, and the magician Massimo assembles shoes with incredible precision while their mother does the quality control. It is a beautiful human story which comes from ancestral know-how.

    The components are all sourced from within 30 kilometers of the factory, and the suppliers are all friends of the family. More than just a business, it's definitely a work of passion. Find your answer in video.

    Why choose to wear Jacques Soloviere?

    Wearing Soloviere is a way to stand out from the rest. It is Parisian elegance made in Italy by passionate artisans. Wearing Soloviere is combining comfort with quality, while looking unique and supporting a young French brand. Find your answer in video.

    Are Jacques Soloviere shoes for men or women?

    Jacques Soloviere shoes are designed with a masculine spirit, but they are produced in both men’s and women’s sizes. Their classic design appeals to anyone with refined taste regardless of their gender. Don’t you agree ?

    Are Jacques Soloviere shoes ethically made?

    Jacques Soloviere shoes are produced in small quantities. They favor timeless collections that avoid having perishable and seasonal products.

    This is the reason why Soloviere's production strategy is based on pre-sale as much as possible, by putting an emphasis on trunkshows and pop-up events. By using locally sourced materials and deciding to launch a collection entirely sewn without the use of solvents or metals, Soloviere produces with a more ecological conscience. Find your answer in video.

    How to correctly choose your size?

    Each brand uses different shapes and techniques. This explains why sizes can vary from one model to another.

    The size guide is available for you to print so that you can measure your feet.

    Or for even more precision, you can measure your feet in cm, from the heel to the longest point of the toes. Then, write to customer service at info@soloparis.com, giving the measurement in cm, and the desired model, and the team will be able to give you the exact size you need. Find your answer in video.

    How to fold the shoes correctly?

    The following tutorial is helpful because it shows how Solovieres shoes are supposed to be tied.

    So let’s explain it to you, because it's super simple.

    Make sure you completely undo the laces before putting on the shoes, then make sure your heel is all the way back. Then center the lace, press the middle of the fold on the instep. Once it is centered, you can fold the sides and tie your lace. It will be perfectly symmetrical and you’re ready to go. Find your answer in video.

    How can I order a kiltie? And how do I attach it?

    Leather fringes are optional, as not all customers need them and some prefer models without a kiltie. Therefore, Soloviere offers their customers the option to order a pair of kilties separately by clicking on the kiltie option, and choosing the desired color.

    Putting on the kiltie is pretty easy. When folded in half, the holes must meet. Thread the laces through the two holes and then tie your shoes as usual tightening the kiltie flat against the shoe upper. (Beautiful, British tailoring effect guaranteed !)

    What look to adopt with the Matthieu or the Ray?

    The Ray and the Matthieu are the trademark folded models of Jacques Soloviere. They can be worn in several different ways. Either with a minimal look, denim or workwear, khakis and a tshirt. They look cool without socks, but because the instep is low, you can wear beautiful socks with them. If you're more dandy, the Ray looks good with a suit.

    We like to wear pants without a break to show off the shoes.

    Rather dandy or minimalist spirit? dandy or minimalist spirit?

    We think that Soloviere fits well with all personality types. The main thing is to wear them proudly, and to embody their originality. It's up to you to twist them with ivy looks, or more pajama lifestyle.

    Socks or bare foot?

    It depends on the season of course. Basically, Soloviere shoes were designed to be worn barefoot, in a cool Gainsbourg style.

    The team realized afterwards that when combined with the right socks, the result was very beautiful and interesting. I personally like to wear them both ways.

    (Just a tip, if you have just purchased a pair, and this is your first time wearing them, we recommend that you wear them with socks until they’re broken in.)

    Is there a repair service?

    At any time you can send your pair to the showroom or directly to the workshop in Italy, to redo the outsoles, or to repair the leather. Write to the team at info@soloparis.com

    My pair does not suit me, how to return it?

    If you have just received your pair at home, and you are not satisfied with them, you can follow the return instructions, written in the box. If you can't find this paper, it's very simple. You can return the pair to Solovière by arranging for delivery to the showroom in Paris. Once the pair has been received in good condition, they will immediately proceed with your refund.

    Please note that pairs that are on promotion or at a discount, as well as custom pairs, or personalized pairs, cannot be returned.

    How to measure your foot to find its size?

    To measure your foot in centimeters, take a sheet of printer paper. Put your foot down and trace it with a pencil. Once drawn, take a ruler and measure the maximum length in cm.

    What about trunkshows?

    Soloviere trunkshows typically last one week. Register beforehand to make sure you’ll be included and receive all of the information. At Jacques Soloviere the trunkshows are great because they allow you to discover the new collection before it is released, as well as exclusive models available only during the show.

    One of the benefits of ordering during a trunkshow is a 20% discount on the retail price. Additionally, you can reserve your size in your favorite model before they are sold out.

    Why subscribe to the newsletter?

    Don’t worry, Soloviere will not pollute your mailbox with too many messages. You will receive a maximum of 2 newsletters per month. These newsletters will allow you to discover our ambassadors, and our new collections, to take advantage of our trunkshow events, or to have codes to benefit from discounts.

    How to customize a pair for yourself?

    Soloviere frequently receives custom orders. If you need a special size, 47 or 48 for example, or you are looking for a model from previous collections or the size is no longer available. You can have it specially made for you as part of the “made-to-measure” program.

    On the website, search "made-to-measure", select your size and in the NOTES section, enter the name of the model and the color that you are interested in. For a slightly higher cost, you can have a pair made for you in the workshop in Italy.

    It may take 6 to 8 weeks to receive your order but often it is much faster than that.

    How does personalization work?

    Your shoes can be personalized directly in the showroom in Paris. The outside of the shoes will be hot-stamped with your initials. Two options are available: either gold, or tone on tone if you prefer a more discreet marking.

    I have seen a pair I like but I can't find it on the website?

    Soloviere creates large collections, and sometimes not all of the models are available on the website. If you have an image you can send it to info@soloparis.com. The team will do their best to help you find them.

    How will I receive my order?

    Before being shipped, each pair of shoes is checked one by one. You will receive your pair of Solovieres, in a branded box with a care card and a canvas dust bag included inside. The dust bag has two separate compartments to avoid friction between the shoes, which could damage them.

    How to maintain the suede?

    Suede is a beautiful material that is chic and holds color well.

    Soloviere uses a suede which is made and processed in Italy. It is resistant and thick, but for it to age as well as possible, we recommend that you waterproof it with a spray at home.

    Also if there is a mark or a streak, you can use a suede eraser and rub gently. If you have a mark of glue you can use a piece of natural rubber to remove it.

    Where can I try on a pair?

    It is always helpful to see the shoes in person and to be able to touch and try them on before buying them.

    This is the reason why it is suggested that you make an appointment for private fittings, at the Parisian showroom which is located just behind Le Bon Marche. You will meet with a team which will be entirely dedicated to you.

    If you are not able to come to the showroom, you can consult the STOCKIST list on the website, and see which store is closest to you.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to info@soloparis.com