The year 2019 is truly a special one for Jacques Solovière:
we will celebrate our 5fth birthday.
That is to say: Five years of creativity, elegance, and wonderful encounters.

Jacques Solovière launched in Paris in July 2014, with iconic models that - ten seasons down the line-remain tasteful and modern.
This is exactly what drives Jacques Solovière: creating and producing timeless classics, which transition from season to season without ever losing their appeal.

The team is more close - knit than ever, and the conviction that we’re going in the right direction is only growing stronger.
Jacques Solovière intends to maintain this perspective for the years to come, but with an added challenge: rethinking our means of production so that our shoes are even more durable and produce less wast.
The leather components and the accessories will be sourced carefully, conscientious of ethics and the environment.
Over the past Five years, the codes of fashion have changed, and Jacques Solovière intends to be a label that understands today's priorities.

Thank you, to each of you, for your support,

Viva Jacques Solovière !



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